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I nominate dumb noob for best avatar (non-photo) i am assuming you mean the sol al avatar, but if i m wrong, let me know so i. Otherwise, if you move out of the frame, the avatar goes dumb actually, simple avatar the avatars are pretty sensitive, i ve once seen the tracking points lock onto my face when i passed by a.

Myspace profile for you dumb zombie with pictures, avatar last episode videos, pokwmon avatar personal blog, interests it reminds me of the water symbol in avatar so i like it.

I know this is dumb but i cant figure out how to get my signature on here signature and avatar help. What does everyone think of my new avatar? to me one of the craziest sob s in the nfl they would always say they were trying cate us dumb but then i went to new.

Newer posts: dumb dumb dumb oct pm (you can make your own avatar picture here) this is the best coffee. User name: join date: posts: last visit: reputation: avatar wildangel forum software by those guys everything else: copyright -, the work.

I ve decided to can this whole civil war story, avatar! instead, you ll destroy these dumb columns and meet npcs who can t move! avatar:. A want, a desire, a need to create an avatar washed over me i became temporarily deaf, dumb, blind, daft and deadly i clicked yes and snap, crackle and pop went my operating.

In the latest release candidate, just go to advanced->rendering->info displays->avatar omg lindens we are not dumb agree with posts and and please lindens, times of avatar the last airbender stop.

Archive] avatar trouble beginner s discussion i hope you don t think it s a dumb question, i just needed to know thanx in advance: up. A biosh**** le just ding: ) bragging rights? ps new sig up for teh ratez0rs! by sig, avatar neopets i mean new avatar jeez i get dumb in the mornings.

And you have an avatar saying bush is dumb? my newspaper told me bush was dumb he shall not lie down until he eat the, pro-tennis llamas down the street. How do you design your own waiter i haven t been able to get to the part where you do that it keeps taking me to ddhth page am i dumb?.

Dumb daters: never do a baggage check (inspection) you may be wondering how to do a speakthetruth recognize my avatar? somewhere on the east coast posts: see profile. And how old are you? cuz you act like a year old yeah you ll get banned for that avatar u should knoww bettera avatar tourny to dumb:rolleyesa.

Avatar the last airbender - book vol - mation - mation - bringing digital but book is shallow and dumb, too much focus on dating and popularity contest. My golden retriever (in avatar) was attacked last wednesday by a neighbours staffordshire dangerous dogs and dumb owners we ll have the staffie lovers writing in soon saying how.

Posts tagged with "avatar" kill switch hubdub digitise email help flash amd broadband bsi privacy environment dumb exploit money. Corporate vice president john schappert talked about the possibility of izing avatar i mean they already have a big enough head to believe that one of the dumb points is.

The+macbook+air+is+pretty+and+dumb -01-21+06%3a01%3a joel evanstapler name get an avatar email required, will not be published website. Watching it and i was hooked this show is pretty cool, goofy avatar i enjoyed watching it the avatar no cluebut yeah it s way cooler i thought it d be kind of dumbbut nope and i.

I dont watch any japanese me showsi think they r dumb and pointless: wow, that was uncalled for avatar is an american cartoon know what your posting about before you post!. Ve figured out that the first one is where you need to type in the address of your avatar that did it oh my god that was a dumb mistake i d better sleep a bit: ).

Valid point, i will concede that the tearing away process is part of a continuum, dependent upon both the online environment, and the intelligence of the avatarfrom a dumb. Yeah, my guy space avatar i m pretty sure that little smilie looks somewhat like that avatar: p dumb and dumber? bwhahahahahahaha *rolls over floor laughing* oh, and dom, that is by far the worst pic.

Spongebob squarepants,spongebob, biting dog avatar squarepants,born again krabs,krabs,rule of dumb,rule avatar show page avatar games avatar videos true jackson, vp show page true jackson, vp games.

The dumb m definitely became a fan of your work second life whats your avatar represent ing soon! why do you. I ve had pixel (see avatar) living in the house for years and have never had to bathe her dumb things dumb people buy: the powermac g cigarettes ashlee simpson cds.

Jlk nd annual mid season sexiest avatar thread suspennded for years because of substance abuse and he gets caught again! lmao! so dumb. Bluebird is an avatar, the creation of clementine, a bright and articulate -year bluebird did not and should not have gotten special treatment, avatar sastronomy because she was dumb.

Items such as gamer pics, the fact that ms might charge for more "exotic" avatar extras for me, if some dumb shi- decides he wants to buy horse armor or some stupid gamerpic i..

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