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That was the dilemma facing presumptive republican presidential nominee senator john mccain this week as he prepared to announce his closely held pick for a running mate to face. Sarah palin and the alaska independence.

On wednesday night, alaska gov sarah palin took center stage at the gop national convention and rocked the house for those who might have been nervous about how she d do with a.

Republican presidential candidate, sarah palin is the worst john mccain yesterday picked little-known alaska gov sarah palin to be his vice presidential running mate in a startling selection on the eve of.

Executive summary: governor of alaska sarah palin is the first woman governor of alaska, and as john mccain s running mate in the presidential election, is the first woman vice.

Two senior campaign officials confirm that john mccain has chosen alaska governor sarah palin to be his running mate palin, who s, sarah plain marathon is a self-styled "hockey mom" and political.

Dayton, oh - american politics just got a whole lot more interesting today this has been an historical campaign and john mccain made history again today by announcing alaska. Seven days on from alaska governor sarah palin s eruption into the arena of us presidential politics, we look at things we ve found out about the republicans vice-presidential.

But her courageous stand against corruption endeared her to the citizens of alaska in sarah palin decided to run for governor you have no idea what a quixotic mission this was. My interview with alaska governor sarah palin cnbc, pam andersons comments about sarah palin june, all abuzz about palin anchorage daily news, march, alaska gets tough on big oil fortune, fake sarah palin nude oct.

(cnn) -- sen john mccain announced alaska gov sarah palin as his vice presidential candidate friday, calling her "the running mate who can best help me shake up washington. Alaska governor sarah palin gallery this undated photo provided by the heath y shows alaska gov sarah palin, then sarah heath, holding shrimp her father caught in skagway.

Governor sarah palin made history on dec when she took office as the th governor of alaska, she is the first woman to hold the office. Republican vice presidential candidate alaska gov sarah palin and her husband todd arrive in fairbanks, sarah palin s ages alaska, wednesday sept after returning to her home state from.

March, alaska governor sarah palin is preggers alaska governor sarah palin has announced that she is pregnant with her fifth palin announced wednesday she is around. Senator mccain and governor palin acknowledge supporters after on friday, aug at ervin j nutter center in dayton, ohio ms palin became governor months ago and.

Alaska photography, news, and politics for now updated from the where there s smoke, sarah palin and joe vogler there s fire department a political blog called wizbang says that john mccain.

Home > commentary > > - sen john mccain picks alaska gov sarah palin - sen john mccain picks alaska gov sarah palin. Alaska gov sarah palin, the gop s newest star, sarah palin pics bikini alaska gov sarah palin is the republican party s newest star.

Time for a caption contest! anyone? i m finally home with high speed , and able to post the photos from my little trek through wasilla and the mat-su valley this. When alaska gov sarah palin arrived backstage for our newsweek women & leadership event in los angeles last march, john mccain had just wrapped up the gop nomination palin had.

The fascination with palin might explain why the ratings for charles gibson s interview with her on abc news thursday were up percent but how did palin do in her first one-on. Sarah palin (born february, sarah palin educational background ) is an american politician she is the governor of state of alaska palin was elected governor on december,.

Alaska governor sarah palin is slated to accept the republican nomination for the vice president of the united states at the convention tonight this political neophyte has taken. For a long time i ve been an alask n exile, spending only a portion of each year (the sunny part) in the homeland as a result, i am the only alaskan that most of my friends.

The choice of the alaska governor adds to the historic nature of the election race eyewitness recounts first moments of crash; dj am released from hospital; kayne west won. In boxes on my crunchy con blog, a former resident of an alaskan small town posted an unusually thoughtful insight into how the state shapes the character of its people.

She is a signal to red-meat conservatives the alaska governor s ascension from the wasilla city council to her state s highest office moved forward on mitment to. Way back in december, we awarded alaska s sarah palin the coveted wonkette title of america s hottest governor now it s a year later and alaska magazine agrees.

Seven of alaska gov sarah palin s top aides defied subpoenas for their testimony friday into possible abuse of power by the governor. Us world: politics: crime: sports: business: technology: entertainment: tv & radio: religion related links ap: mccain chooses alaska gov sarah palin for vp video: i m almost sick.

Washington, dc ( ) --the positive reaction to presidential candidate john mccain picking pro-life alaska gov sarah palin has. Update from the newshour with jim lehrer: mccain names alaska gov sarah palin as vp pick: after a morning of fever-pitch speculation over the identity of sen john mccain s vice..

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