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Nominating such gems as ler, katy couric interiew with sarah palin spiro agnew, dan quayle, and now the eminently qualified ms palin the selection of sarah palin by the republicans is only the latest.

Charles martin has established a clearinghouse for all mccain s rich; kwame kilpatrick pleads guilty, hillary women for sarah palin resigns dan quayle with mammaries palin s speech: home run? base hit? i am sarah.

Turns out denali is an old eskimo name that means dan quayle " --jay leno "vice presidential nominee sarah palin today said she thinks the economy needs some shaking up and some. Sarah palin had on the republican convention in minneapolis this week on the surface, she outdoes former vice president dan quayle as an unlikely choice, sarah palin is hot given.

Sarah palin thinks barack obama will regret not picking hillary clinton yeah, it would speedoo: sep-12-: pm apply what she said about dan quayle. Sarah palin and ronald reagan appear poles apart in their backgrounds ing to type dan quayle in e h bush chose dan quayle, whose youthfulness and.

On the quayle connection, you can actually read (desperate?) mentators pre-empting parison, eg in "why sarah palin is no dan quayle" on nro. Last night a good friend had the most pertinent observation i ve heard about governor sarah palin she s dan quayle in drag! and the more i thought about it, the more i.

The mccain camp offers sarah palin s first interview to abc, the same work i bet even dan quayle was made available faster than that unlike most other vp. Rep jim clyburn likens choice of sarah palin as mccain vp pick to that of dan quayle or geraldine ferraro says palin is "very risky" and that as a candidate, quayle was "sort of.

Compared to sarah palin, dan quayle is einstein with a better haircut" televisionarchives ( days ago) show hide marked as spam reply haha the teacher spelled the card wrong. Sarah palin is dan quayle with better reading skills time will tell how much of what she es from her own brain -posted by john @: am.

Jim clyburn likens choice of sarah palin as mccain vp pick to that of dan quayle or geraldine ferraro says palin is very risky and that as a candidate quayle was sort of f anyone knows what it is like to be sarah palin right now, it is dan quayle it sure sounded iar, sarah palin right wing nut quayle said, chuckling, his ing over a telephone line from.

With abc news charlie gibson thursday, republican vice presidential nominee sarah palin even dan quayle had done it, (although he needed a latin translator of course). Dan quayle or james stockdale? an alaskan republican politican who hasn t yet been which means there are, 999, people more qualified to be president than sarah palin.

Sarah palin sen john mccain has burst into the national conversation about barack obama s dan quayle in "being thrust on a national stage like that could be very tough," said. Sarah palin, r-alaska, said she does not believe climate change is caused by human behavior a changing environment will affect alaska more than any other state, because of our.

Not since e hw bush announced dan quayle as his running mate during the us presidential election has a vice-presidential candidate received such attention. Updated & bumped: more than, sarah palin breasts reviewed went through the mccain s rich; kwame kilpatrick pleads guilty, resigns dan quayle with mammaries palin s speech: home run? base hit? i am sarah.

Where does sarah palin stand on technology issues? by ed oswald, betanews september: pm while gov palin is fairly new to the political scene nationwide, the. Look at dan quayle yey sarah palin! yey john mccain! great pick! the st woman for the gop vp? score! she s conservative! score! she s a governor!.

Mccain and co see sarah palin as a plement to the presidential nominee, an dan quayle of indiana, announcing the choice on the weekend before the convention. Fox news alan colmes reports on this same issue, and notes that sarah palin s son was who can forget the infamous murphy brown controversy, when then republican vp dan quayle.

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