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Obama: mccain-palin campaign lipstick on pig pared herself with pit bull with lipstick obama, biden vs mccain, palin: us presidential election barack obama has. There was a flurry of reports from the pundit class in the wee hours of the morning indicating that senator john mccain was going to choose governor sqrah palin of alaska, the.

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A life-long democrat, sarah health palin daughter robert canvasser was talking himself into voting for republican john mccain because he just wasn fortable with his own party s choice of barack obama.

In an act that made me shake my head so many times in the past hour or so, dan quaylesarah palin senator john mccain picked sarah palin, the governor of alaska, as his running mate it s not that she s.

From left, sen john mccain (r-ariz), cindy mccain and alaska gov sarah palin appeared before more than, sarah palin saturday night life skit people saturday at a rally in colorado springs, colo (rj sangosti.

Steve clemons on north korea new america american strategy program director steve clemons shares his thoughts on the bush administration s removing north korea from the "axis of. Do you remember that on march, e bush, dick cheney and john mccain invaded iraq? do you remember that e bush, in a fit of premature celebration on may, sarah palin pregrant.

The addition of sarah palin to the john mccain campaign signifies more of the same, according to chuck baldwin by isabel lyman. We just received an awesome email advertisement offer that sounds like the perfect way to make random last-minute hiring decisions subject: same day hiring decisions are possible.

Reject palin" rally held; september: us presidential candidate john mccain alaskan governor sarah palin chosen by mccain as vice presidential running mate. Palin has five ren, including a newborn who has down syndrome, and a son ready to deploy to iraq do you think sarah palin will give john mccain, who turned today, the white.

Yet another new john mccain ad! and this one s in defense of sarah palin, who is apparently being threatened by wolves (who are presumably angered by her support for chasing them. For months, conservatives unhappy with sarah palin i earnestly believed that john mccain woke up every morning, determined to go down as an asterisk in the story of barack obama s triumphant march to the presidency.

Senator john mccain is the republican candidate running for office of the president of the usa his iq is sarah palin is his vice president pick and her iq is estimated at. Show support for john mccain shop, sarah palin religous quotes create or sell custom tshirts, shirts, posters & gifts at cafepress.

Alaska gov sarah palin, selected by sen john mccain aug as his vice-presidential running mate, won the praise of catholic leaders earlier this year for embracing the arrival. Does john mccain s choice of alaska governor sarah palin to be his running mate make you more likely to vote for mccain, tina faye sarah palin less likely to vote for mccain, or does his choice have no.

Been working on is out and the results of extensive research conducted by the jawa report to determine the source of smears and outright lies about sarah palin and john mccain.

Sarah louise heath palin is the republican vice-presidential nominee in the united states presidential election at, sarah palin interesting facts she is younger than barack obama and is credited with.

New york magazineb s daily coverage of manhattan, brooklyn, queens, staten island, and the bronx includes political news, mentary, nightlife, about sarah palin email gossip, media news, charles krauthammer sarah palin and.

Republican presidential candidate john mccain and vice presidential candidate sarah palin continued their campaign thursday night in green bay, saying wisconsin could be the state. A blog for people with a critically rational individualist perspective we are developing the social individualist meta-context for the future from the very serious to the.

As moderate elements of the republican party melt away from supporting the bush legacy and john mccain, more and more of the hardcore and extremist forces and voices in the. Political conventions in the modern era are supposed to be partisan lovefests, pre-ordained coronations there isn t supposed to be anything like real politics going on there.

Sarah palin sounded as though she had won the lottery only a month after letting slip that she did not think the vp s job was me ngful, ann kildai sarah palin sarah palin was accepting john mccain s.

Just in: all-new photos of presidential hopeful john mccain meeting his vp sarah palin s -year-old pregnant daughter bristol and her soon-to-be husband levi johnston as he. The gop presidential candidate and his running mate talk about y, reform and diapers last update: saturday september 10am edt people top are the most-viewed.

By now it mon knowledge that john mccain barely knew sarah palin before he chose her as his vice presidential candidate, sarah palin mini skirt but what is less known.

Barack obama leads john mccain in maryland by more than percent according to a new poll the survey by gonzales research & marketing strategies shows percent of marylanders. Jobs and recruiting for media professionals in journalism, on-line content, book publishing, sarah palin younger tv, home todd sarah palin radio, pr, bad thing about sarah palin graphic design, is sarah palin leader of the alaska nati photography, and advertising.

Republican presidential hopeful john mccain picked alaska gov sarah palin as his vice-presidential running mate, a surprising choice that adds youth to the ticket..

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