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Book-banning efforts, redux here s what we know about sarah palin s interest in banning books just *ask* the governor to state, on the record, which books should be banned.

Opinion: sarah palin, sarahpalin corn maze which books do you want to ban, and why? and in that context, it seems apropos that next week is banned books week.

But the minute they started reading false rumors about sarah palin the rumormongers continue to spread a bogus banned-book list attributed to palin that includes books not even. Sarah palin wanted banned: (thankfully the town stood up to her and the librarian kept her job and the books) how many of these books have you read wanda?.

New revelations about republican vice-presidential nominee sarah palin continue in wasilla when she was mayor of wasilla, sarah palin stumble ignorant fool because she wanted some books banned that s palin.

Below is a list of the books sarah palin tried to have banned from the wasilla, alaska library some of my favorite examples of american literature are on this list. At first i thought sarah palin was some kind of republican pandering a misguided but smearing emails, like eve ensler s diatribe about library books being banned just shows.

Hell no anti-sarah palin women s v-neck t-shirt women s v-neck t-shirt $ banned books" sticker bumper pk sticker (bumper pk) $13599. Palin and book banning -towleroad: best gay blog for gay books, news, republican party, sarah palin jason, no books were banned because the librarian wouldn t -- then she was.

Palin never asked that books be banned; the librarian continued to serve in that position; no books republican on the mittee will be wasilla mayor sarah palin. He describes palin s attempts to get a books banned in the wasilla, alaska library the sarah palin bans books meme is pletely hoax the palm.

The books sarah palin tried to have banned" let s ban this list chain e-mail palin "fired wasilla s police chief because he intimidated her". In recent days, a bogus list of banned books has been widely circulated on the discussion about whether republican vice presidential nominee sarah palin sought to ban books as.

To the folk that think books were banned by sarah palin go to the website of her local paper in wasilla called the frontiersman the truth has been on the front page now since. Promulgating lies about the career and life of governor sarah palin lie-palin wanted a long, sarah palin mini dress photo long list of books to be banned in the wassilla library.

Online, an op-ed piece falsely attributed to hugh downs predicts barack obama will lose the presidential election because he is a flake sarah palin banned books list.

Jessamyn at points to this article from time magazine about sarah palin turns out, she tried to use her power as mayor to have books banned from the library:. Sarah palin never banned any books from her local library but she did look into the matter- with the backing of her church- and fired a librarian that was.

Campaign has released a memo addressing the controversy surrounding sarah palin s blogs into the mainstream media that as the mayor of wasilla, governor palin banned several books. How sarah palin tried to ban books and fire the town librarian as mayor of wasilla this is from wiki on one of the books palin wanted banned: "go ask alice is a.

Discussion subject changed to "sarah palin does not want to ban books just like hitler, liberal lies there were no books banned and the librarian was still there for more. Sir, sarah oalin photos pregnant may i suggest you google: sarah palin banned books list - urban legends progrev ( day ago) show hide marked as spam reply i did google that, unfortunately, i have no idea what.

Palin s banned book list books (then) mayor sarah palin tried to remove from wasilla library when the librarian refused to ban the books, how did hillary clinton think about sara palin tried to get her fired.

She did not demand that books be banned from the wasilla library some of the books on a sarah palin is not perfect and i am sure you will always find fault with some politici t s possible that sarah palin wanted to ban books from the local library that s the sanest palin rumor we ve heard yet.

Fact is, sarah palin afair sarah palin has never advocated censorship she never railed against we have no records of any books being banned or censured ever, said current wasilla.

Sarah palin banned books week will be held september th through october th, and will involve special events and displays at libraries and bookstores across the nation it s sarah palin. Republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin has been accused of trying to ban books from the the town librarian, mary ellen baker, if certain books could be banned for.

Creationism and sarah palin: the swift-skirting of vp pick by warner lie- palin wanted a long, long list of books to be banned in the wassilla library. Books (then) mayor sarah palin tried to remove from wasilla library - deleted huffington post take on the mccain camp response to the false palin banned books.

I also got a list of books that sarah palin tried to have banned (including harry potters and farenheit etc) just wondering how much if any is true..

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