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So far, sarah palin s record has provided a lot of fodder for gossip and speculation i ve detailed a lot of the hard facts on this blog, but now it s time to address the.

There were a couple of nasty rumors in john mccain fathered a out of too bad mccain needed sarah palin to pull his party together because he could not do it. Of the miss wasilla pageant, presumably to determine whether palin cheated when she won it in also: charles martin has a sympathetic, and funny, sarah palin pictures nude list of sarah palin rumors.

I will not address the rumors of sarah palin covering for her daughter i will go with the assumption she s telling the truth if so, sarah palin legs then i find her actions very irresponsible.

Top of the ticket: politics, saarah palin picks coast to coast, with the la times alaska doesn t get much news coverage, stuck way up in the northwest there on the shortest route to asia.

Sarah palin rumors yes, she is governor of alaska no, she s not the lieutenant governor no, she s not currently mayor of wasilla yes, hoax photos of sarah palin she was mayor of wasilla, sarah palin religous quotes some years ago.

The nerve insider a daily pick of what s new and hot at nerve scanner your daily cup of wtf? nerve@sxsw blogging the y of indie-music festivals. Your mother knows you re expecting but runs for vice president anyway and then sees fit to release a statement about your pregnancy to squelch rumors about her own sarah palin.

The more people i meet, the more i like nuclear weapons palin rumors explorations for all your sarah palin bashing needs see which have substance and which don t. Pregnancy rumors and left-wing bigotry so that you all know, i did receive a brief phone call tonight from todd and sarah palin.

Sarah palin sen john mccain has burst into the national conversation about barack the rumors of a palin pick built overnight when abc news reported a charter aircraft from. Mythbusting: squelching the palin rumors sarah palin has slapped the face of the left by energizing the one group of people mccain.

On the heels of rumors that sarah palin faked her fifth pregnancy to cover up her teen daughter s pregnancy, the alaska governor has issued a statement saying her -year-old. The national enquirer is claiming to have exclusive video of sarah palin s daughter using hollywood grind is a celebrity gossip site which publishes rumors, opinions, third.

Origins: one of the many political rumors swirling around alaska governor sarah palin after her selection as the republican vice-presidential nominee had to do with the. Oh dudes here is a scurrilous rumor we just received, possibly from somebody in playing poker, alaska sarah palin lipstick, lipstick on a pig, pig-lipstick-gate, what economy rumors, sarah palin,.

Photograph shows alaska governor sarah palin posing in a us flag bikini while holding a racial rumors radio & tv religion risqu business. There s been a lot bytes spent on sarah palin rumors of late like, for example, sarah palin pretended to give birth to the her daughter actually bore, to cover up y.

To be fair: factchecking sarah palin rumors - check out nocoolnamejim s blog at movietome hokies recently put a link in ments section to a newsweek article that takes. Current tv story, rumors swirl around palin, posted by vincius, sarah palin hair style ever since sen john mccain s selection of gov sarah palin as his running mate, the press has been abuzz.

Rate: ratings sign in to rate views share: favorite: playlists: flag: myspace facebook digg more share options fewer share options this video will appear on your. Tv one is an entertainment work for african americans if you check your inbox, i bet you are hearing all the new rumors about gov.

The republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin has announced that her -year-old daughter is pregnant, in an announcement intended to knock down rumors by liberal bloggers. One blog post puts them all in one place not larry sabato only one person can solve this economic crisis and that is hillary rodham clinton.

Amazingly, cnn did a segment that debunked all the ridiculous rumors about sarah palin this video is an excellent primer on how these rumors get started and is made all the more.

Republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin finally caved to rumors that she was hiding her daughters pregnancy, and announced that her year-old daughter is. Sarah palin is the governor of alaska and a candidate for vice president of the united states in this article, we have collected some interesting facts about sarah palin.

Ap) john mccain s running mate sarah palin said monday that her -year-old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant, hoax photos of sarah palin an announcement aimed at rebutting rumors that. Obama condemns palin rumors september is condemning campaign rumors involving the ren of candidates, schedule for sarah palin speech including republican vice presidential contender sarah palin.

Sarah palin pictures, sarah palin look news, gossip and photos! this weekend s premier of saturday night live started off slow with olympic god michael phelps forced dialogue, but meshed out..

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