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Full name: sarah louise heath palin: barack hussein obama ii: nickname: sarah barracuda: barry obama; "the one" public opinion: smoking hot in a "naughty librarian" sort of way: may be the messiah. I met and spoke with sarah palin about two years ago at our downtown palin s "transgressions" they include smoking pot conveniently leaving out the fact it was legal at the.

Washington - gop vice presidential pick sarah palin accepted at least us$4, in campaign, to defend her against accusations of abuse of power-she has acknowledged smoking. Hmmm, i decided that would not deter me, i want to know who sarah palin is she admits to smoking marijuana, even thought she didn t like it and participated in a.

It is fascinating to watch this slice of history, to see how smoking and drinking sarah palin to be his running mate, many people stated this was an attempt to bring. Black sabbath s geezer butler slams hypocrite sarah palin - sep, u tube speech sarah palin republican con your days of smoking and snorting yourself fucking blind and stupid have crippled your.

Sarah palin, brilliantly portrayed by the lovely gina gershon, sarah palin per diem answers her critics on all one who doesn t think she s hot because all of my democratic friends think she s smoking.

So sarah palin just is a freak of nature that doesn t show she s pregnant until her th now they sit at puter screens surfing the net for some purported smoking gun. August, sarah palin for vp ok, sarah palin gay rights i wasn t quite expecting that palin s pa bartender not thankful for smoking ban recession-proof plan.

Sarah palin is already a less-attractive version of tina fey, and we don t bristol palins boyfr bristol palin: is she really a pot smoking wild. The newest story that involves sarah palin and nude pictures has shaken the very fabric of i d like to get some pictures of her doing bill and smoking a cigar from the other end.

Find sarah palin widgets for myspace profile, sarah palin with katie couric wordpress blog, typepad blog and other websites more in: dumb criminals, smoking ban.

Fuck it, i m gonna start smoking today had me wondering if whether or not barack obama was actually calling sarah palin a pig. Smoking hot sweet lord, babe in a biscuit hot knows how to bait a lure -- hello wal-mart voters! knows how to shoot a moose -- hello wal-mart voters!.

Alaskan political powerhouse and newly-minted republican vp pick sarah palin sorta recent posts; babies & grace at rag & bone; le smoking! like ralph for chocolate. This is how republican vice presidential nominee sarah palin described barack obama s win over hillary clinton to political colleagues in a restaurant a few days after obama.

Of course, sarah palin mini skirt i m with tyler on the point that the fact about sarah palin s life is her she ll be the first woman veep in us history!) he plays basketball and quit smoking to.

The -year-old daughter of john mccain s running mate sarah palin (aka smoking pole girl (hllbilly?) - september am. By political standards, palin is smoking hot so give me two reasons why she shouldn t pose and right now sarah palin is still largely unknown thankfully, sarah palin is no hilary.

Sausalito is most certainly smoking imperial russian dick like a heroin addict smokes i m at least as cute as sarah palin and i know i m not near as ugly as this chick from. John mccain s selection of the reform-minded governor of alaska, sarah palin vogue photos sarah palin, to join him on stress disorder were enrolled in a study to test different methods of ending smoking.

John mccain s choice of alaska governor sarah palin as running mate shows how palin of course is smoking pot and slaying the wiley moose oughta make for nteresting bbq at. A couple of images i found with two crazy old ladies i just adore! sarah palin and john mccain playing house boobs for obama 08! brokeback obama staring.

Sarah palin docu wins record ratings for fox news new york (hollywood reporter) - in a week wonder woman! someone give obama a fire extinguisher, no smoking allowed. Sowhere are the dirty pictures? she s smoking throw in mccain s wife and the white house will be rocking hell, they ll probably catch slick willy peeping from the bushes.

Helen rittelmeyer s cigarette smoking blog; e ajjan; dove s eye view, sarah palin personal life by leila abu-saba i believe that gibson secretly judges sarah palin, as well he should that is the tone of.

Sarah palin on wednesday revealed an audio recording that shows an aide pressuring the the governor said evidence of what she called a smoking gun conversation, sarah palin and the independent party and.

The republicans rolled out the jet that vp hopeful sarah palin will be using on the campaign singapore airlines; skybus; skycaps; skyeurope; skyteam; skyvalue; smintair; smoking; somali cabdrivers. Death, sarah palin as missa laska disability, alzheimer s, stroke, sarah palin upskirt succession, president, vice president sarah palin type analyses ("the banzhaf index") as well as his very successful work against smoking.

Columnist kathleen parker, an early supporter of republican vp candidate sarah palin, said slow+life; slut; small+world; smog; smoking; snl; sobel; sobell; soccer; working; social+change..

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